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shots fired too strong

Fuck the slut shaming part of this post

Ehh. To be honest, I have more along a problem with the implication that her every action *must* be to please others.

But a Muslim woman defending another Muslim against Islamaphobia, even if there’s a slight sex-shaming vibe to it? It’d be like when a black woman criticizes a racist person and mentions they’re ugly. Yeah, beauty politics are a play, but they are not someone who benefits from them on an institutional level.

Muslim women deal with both fetishization and being desexualized, along with being affected by sex shaming to a greater degree than most Muslim women, so it’s pretty low on the list of concerns, you know?





shots fired too strong

nice shaming

Yeah, this was a nice example of shaming and attacking Muslim women, and it’s so great to see Muslim women standing up for themselves and each other. :)




—Marie Antoinette (2006)

 Just so everyone is clear, the handsome Black man tutoring Marie Antoinette is Joseph Boulogne, classical musician extraordinaire whose work influenced Mozart’s. This has been your Western music history tidbit of the day. Adieu! 

*just leaves this here*

Chevalier Joseph Boulogne de Saint-Georges

  • Jessy Terrero: When I moved to the West Coast, the Mexicans I saw were a little more fair skinned, they looked a little more different. So, people thought I was Black there. Or mixed. I'm Dominican. And most people look at me like, 'Oh where's that?'
  • Tayana Ali: People usually identify me with being Mexican. I even remembered when we first moved here, my mom would speak in her native language, Spanish, to other Spanish speakers and people are just kind of like looking at her funny like, 'Why is that coming out of your mouth?'
  • Laz Alonso: I've either been treated fairly or treated unfairly by the color of my skin. They don't look at me and say, 'Oh you're Latin. We're gonna treat you better.' No. You're Black, that's it.
  • Sabi: Growing up I felt I had to pick a side. Either I was Black or I was Latina but I didn't really fit in with the full Latina's or the girls who were all Black...
  • Maluca: When I did move out of the Dominican neighborhood, a lot of people at that time didn't know what the Dominican Republic is. I was seen as Puerto Rican or Black or Mixed and I would scream, 'I'm Dominican!!!'
  • Kat DeLuna: I went through this in high school, they would ask me, 'Are you Black or Latina?' And I would say, 'You don't understand, I'm a little bit of both!'
  • Christina Milian: I would see so many discussions on the blogs, people would say,'Oh she's Black' or 'No she's this, she's that'.
  • Javier Colon: I've definitely had folks who said, 'I was wondering why you had a name like Javier, we thought you were African American.'
  • Mimi Valdes: I've definitely been identified as African American before and it's not necessarily a wrong assumption because I do have African blood but I think what's more appropriate to describe me is as a 'Black woman who is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent.'


Model: @surrayamavislewis - Styling: @jazzersxx


virgo, actively seek balance.

libra, trust these are the right decisions.

scorpio, separate fact from feeling.

sagittarius, remind yourself how you got this far.

capricorn, it is a time of luck.

aquarius, unpack your current fear.

pisces, take on this challenge.

aries, you will find a place to belong.

taurus, let it happen.

gemini, toast to self-acceptance.

cancer, embrace the love around you.

leo, you are safe here."

SEPTEMBER HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (via framesjanco)

Anonymous Asked:
Do you think men can be feminist?

My answer:


Do you mean feminist as a noun or as an adjective? If it’s an adjective, then definitely yes. I think men can (and should) be feminist.

In being a feminist, though, my opinion is that men can’t be. I think that men can be feminist allies, but not feminists. That’s not a label for them because, 1) feminism is a movement by women for women, not a space for men, and 2) saying that men can be feminists implies that their opinions are important and matter just as much as women’s when it comes to feminist discussions.

So no, for me I think men can’t be feminists and shouldn’t try to claim that label, but I think that men should try to be feminist and do all they can to help the cause. 




shots fired too strong


when ur friends are cool and talented and ur just


Dirt Friend is near impossible to get, a mega rare item that costs almost 200k.

You might feel worthless, but you’re very valuable and hard to replace. :)

I feel so blessed to have the relationship that I do with my mom. Today we talked on the phone but it was really lazy talking—we spent most of the time talking about (and to) our cats an it was still so enjoyable. I can talk to my momma about anything, and I can talk to her about absolutely nothing at all.

Especially since we weren’t always this close—there were times when I was hurting so bad and I couldn’t confide in her because I wasn’t ready, because we weren’t ready.

I think it helps a lot that we now communicate mostly over the phone/online. I get very anxious face to face and there are things that I cannot physically talk about. It’s like my throat is closing up on me when I try. Being able to talk to her about these things with that element gone…it’s so wonderful.

I don’t agree with her about everything, but my mom has always pushed me to be a better person, and I’m just so grateful that she raised me.

S/o to bubblesx1371 for being all-around amazing.


Monosexual privilege: the idea that you can be privileged for only being attracted to the sex that you’re oppressed for being attracted to

And of course, it is only ever really used in regards to lesbians, not gay men.

Hello. :) My name is Cardoza. I'm queer, neuroatypical and very happily married. Aggressively fat positive and anti-Imperialism.
Feel free to message me, but don't expect a friendly response if the message includes homophobic, sexist, transphobic, body-shaming or racist content. This is your one warning. You do not get a second.

I try to tag anything that might be triggering, but if I've missed something, please let me know. You do NOT have to justify why you need it tagged. Your mental health matters.

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